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Membership is open to all professionals and students with an interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency. 


The Professional Membership Programme has 3 different membership grades:

  • Affiliate Member (AEEC) of the European Energy Centre
  • Full Member (MEEC) of the European Energy Centre
  • Mastership Status awarded by the European Energy Centre

Membership status is awarded based on the applicant's current level of experience and accomplishments within the energy field, or by completing the CPD Programme for progression. 

The Membership Committee evaluates each submission and awards the applicant Affiliate or Full Membership, based on the criteria listed below.

All levels of membership provide the opportunity to complete the Professional CPD Programme and achieve Mastership Status in Renewable Energy.



How to Apply for FREE professional membership


  • Fill in the Application Form online. If you need any help, please contact us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Affiliate Membership (AEEC)


How to achieve Affiliate Status (AEEC)

For those starting a career in renewable energy or studying a relevant subject

Gain AEEC Status automatically if:

  • You are a student studying a relevant degree programme (and/or)
  • You are a professional working in the renewable energy sector (and/or)
  • You have completed a relevant short training course (and/or)
  • You have achieved one Galileo Master Certificate

To apply for Affiliate Membership (AEEC), complete the Application Form and send to the Membership Committee, including any relevant documentation.  




Full Membership (MEEC)


How to achieve Full Membership Status (MEEC)

Awarded to those with a background in renewable energy or energy efficiency wishing to progress their skills and knowledge further

Gain MEEC Status automatically if:

  • You hold a relevant Honours or Masters Degree (or equivalent) (and/or)
  • You have a minimum of 3 years work experience in the Renewable Energy sector (and/or)
  • You have completed three EEC or equivalent short training courses (and/or)
  • You have achieved one Expert Certificate
  • You are an AEEC and you complete 30 hours of CPD Activities in one year

To apply for Full Membership (MEEC), complete the Application Form and send to the Membership Committee, including any relevant documentation.



Mastership Status  

How to reach Mastership Status 

Awarded to those who demonstrate ongoing commitment to developing their skills and expertise in the sector

  • If you are already an MEEC, you are required to complete 30 hours of CPD activities in one year.
Gain Mastership Status automatically if:
  • You have achieved four Expert Certificates.

You must complete 30 hours of CPD Activities for every subsequent year thereafter to maintain your Mastership Status

 Click here to learn more about Mastership Status